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  • Contract R & D services in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and natural products chemistry at very competitive rate.
  • Custom synthesis of fine chemicals, API related compounds & impurities, advanced intermediates, metabolites and internal standards to be used for process development, method development, validation, formulation development, biostudies, stability and QC testing
  • Process development for production of API's and advanced intermediates, and transfer process from laboratory to commercial scale.
  • Isolation, purification & structure determination of sophiscated biochemical molecules.
  • Regulatory support and distribution of API's and related products.

Typical Example

A major pharmaceutical company was developing formulation of Paroxetine HCl tablets and approached us for possibility of supplying all impurities, related compounds and metabolites to meet regulatory requirement. We immediately assigned a PhD chemist as Project Manager to initiate process design and synthesis of the required compounds. The total syntheis of all Paroxetine related compounds was accomplished on time and on budget without any upfront obligation from our customer. Due to the availability of the required compounds, this customer had successfully finished product development and significantly sped up regulatory filing and product launch.

If you have similar requirements, please feel free to contact us for more information, we'd be very pleased to discuss more details regarding how we can serve your specific needs.