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Welcome to Molcan Corporation

Molcan Corporation is involved in design, research, development and production of fine chemicals, API related compounds, impurities, intermediates, metabolites, internal standards etc. using chemical synthesis and bio-fermentation processes.

Our strengths in microbial fermentation, organic synthesis and natural products chemistry allow us to bring thousands of niche molecules from laboratory to the market place in relatively short period of time. Our R&D and production facilities are well equipped and supported with experienced scientific, engineering and quality assurance teams. Our clients include research-based multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, generic pharmaceutical manufacturers, natural health products and nutraceutical manufacturers, government and independent testing laboratories, universities and research institutions, cosmetic formulators, contract research organizations and contract manufacturers, etc. Our products are supplied for R&D or industrial use, not intended for human or animal use, unless otherwise mentioned.

Based in Canada, we work closely with end users to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance. At Molcan, we not only make and supply molecules, but also provide cost-efficient solutions to our clients in the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

For employment opportunities, please send your resume by e-mail (no phone call please).

Molcan Corporation
70 East Beaver Creek Road #39 & 40,
Richmond Hill, Toronto, Ontario, Canada L4B 3B2
Tel.: 1-905-731-5537 ;
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Email: info@molcan.com